About Us

Caradoc Delaware Mutual Insurance Company provides the best insurance coverages tailored to our policyholders’ needs, at competitive prices, in a professional, courteous manner.

You are an Owner

Caradoc Delaware Mutual is a true mutual, which means that you—a policyholder—are an owner. When our profit exceeds expectations, we may refund a portion of your insurance premiums. So not only do you get exceptional local service and quality insurance products, but you can also save a lot of money!

Our Board is also comprised of policyholders, elected at our Annual General Meeting and are responsible for ensuring future prosperity for all. That means that decisions are made right here in Middlesex County, where we live, work and play.

We are all Owners in our Community

Besides caring for the welfare of our policyholders, we support many community activities including sports, local fairs, Children’s Safety, Mount Brydges Splash Pad etc.

Proud History of Helping our Neighbours

The Caradoc Delaware Fire Mutual Insurance Company was formed in 1884 here in Mount Brydges. At the time, all mutuals were required to have the word ‘fire’ in their name because that was the only coverage they were allowed to write.

Over the past 130+ years, our commitment to our policyholders, community and our competitive product lines has grown in every way to meet the ever-changing needs of our policyholders: our neighbours and friends.

Thank you for wanting to learn more about Caradoc Delaware Mutual insurance products. Please contact one of our friendly, local agents for your residential, agricultural and commercial insurance needs.


Candice Hoover

Candice Hoover

Phone: 226.448.2122 | Fax: 519.207.2073
Email: choover@cdmins.com
Jody Kennedy, CIP

Jody Kennedy, CIP

Phone: 519.264.2559 | Fax: 519.264.2746
Email: jkennedy@cdmins.com
Leslie Arnold

Leslie Arnold

Phone: 519.494.2667 | Fax: 519.657.7829
Email: larnold@cdmins.com


Darlene Brown


Phone: 519.264.2298 Ext: 5 / Fax: 519.264.9101

Email: dbrown@cdmins.com

Bill Jellous, CIP

Interim Manager

Phone: 519.264.2298 Ext: 1 / Fax: 519.264.9101

Email: bjellous@cdmins.com

Roisin Peters

Claims Adjuster
Phone: 519-264-2298  | Cell: 226.219-9258
Email: rpeters@ctmins.ca
Angela D’Hoine

Angela D’Hoine

Phone: 519-264-2298 Ext. 2 | Cell: 519.264.9101
Email: angela@cdmins.com

Glenna Nesbit

Senior Underwriter
Phone: 519.264.2298 Ext. 3 | Fax: 519.264.9101
Email: gnesbit@cdmins.com

Carolyn Rickman

Accounting & Executive Assistant
Phone: 519.264.2298 Ext: 4 | Fax: 519.264.9101
Email: crickman@cdmins.com

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